Tradie: Personalised Progressive Lenses With Two Zones For Near Vision

What Are Tradie Lenses?

Tradie Lenses By Australis are personalised freeform progressive lenses featuring an innovative design, tailored to the needs of trade professionals.

Distinctive Dual Near Vision Zones

What sets the Tradie lenses apart is their unique design incorporating two zones for near vision. Alongside the standard progressive configuration, an extra segment for near vision at the top is incorporated. This feature aims to assist those trades where the wearer needs to focus on close objects not only in the downward glance but also in the upward view.

Maximising Performance with Precision

Tradie lenses prioritise ergonomic lens design aiming to offer maximum optical performance and improved dynamic vision in all four viewing zones. This approach is intended to reduce potential postural stress, eliminating the need for uncomfortable and unnecessary head movements during tasks.

Sharp Vision Across Distances

The lens design targets unparalleled vision in all four viewing zones, delivering potentially precise and comfortable near vision through both the upper and lower areas of the lens. It is intended to allow for easy transitions between different viewing areas, with the aim of providing excellent dynamic vision.

Personalisation for Better Visual Acuity

Tradie lenses are customised according to wearer preferences, aiming to offer superb sharpness and precision in all gaze directions. The use of OptiGaze technology potentially optimises natural vision for the point-of-wear measurement, fully adapting to the wearer and their selected frame.

Reducing Oblique Astigmatism

Tradie lenses aim to offer the highest level of visual acuity, minimising oblique astigmatism. This technology targets the reduction of optical aberration in peripheral vision, seeking near elimination of peripheral blur for a potentially clearer and wider field of view.

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