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Optimal eyesight is essential for learning and development in young children. We offer a range of child optometry services to ensure your child’s eyes are healthy and functioning properly.

Our 360° Eye Test is a comprehensive assessment that takes a holistic approach to your child’s vision health. We use the latest technology to assess their eye health, including monitoring for eye disease, UV damage and other vision changes that may otherwise go unnoticed. We can also provide advice on maintaining eye health and needs within the context of their unique lifestyle.

We also assess suitability for corrective eyewear or vision treatments, including glasses, contact lenses, Orthokeratology, and more.

Your child’s eyesight is changing rapidly, so regular eye tests are recommended to ensure they are meeting certain developmental milestones.

If your child is due for a check-up, or has noticed changes in their vision, book a 360° Eye Test at Optometrist Parramatta today.

The latest in children's eyewear

We have a wide range of stylish children’s glasses, including Nano, Nike, Lacoste, TMX and more. Whatever their needs, your child will feel comfortable and confident in their corrected vision, and more assured in their everyday life.

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