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Quality eyecare begins with understanding you

As independent optometrists, we take the time to understand your individual vision needs.

Our 360° Eye Test is a comprehensive assessment that takes a holistic approach to your vision health. This involves considering your eye health and needs within the context of your overall lifestyle, health and diet.

We use the latest technology to assess your eye health, including monitoring for eye disease, UV damage and other changes in your vision that may otherwise go unnoticed.

We also assess your suitability for corrective eyewear or vision treatments, including glasses, contact lenses, Orthokeratology, medications and more.

Our optometrists will also provide advice on preventative treatments and lifestyle changes to help protect your vision into the future.

Personalised eyecare is essential for maintaining optimal vision, detecting eye conditions early, and promoting overall well-being. By tailoring examinations, prescriptions, lenses, and lifestyle recommendations to each individual, we can provide the highest standard of care and help you enjoy a clear and vibrant world for years to come.

Remember – your eyes are one of a kind, and they deserve special attention.

More than just an eye test

We provide highly personalised vision and holistic eyecare solutions. Our 360° Eye Tests utilise a comprehensive ten-step approach to helping you enjoy healthy vision.

What a 360° Eye Test involves

Understanding you

A great eye care consultation starts with understanding you, your general health, eye health, vision needs and lifestyle.

Eye health

We use the latest technology to examine the health of your eyes, and check for eye disease, UV damage and other general health conditions.


We test the sharpness of your vision at multiple distances and your need for corrective eyewear.


We assess how well your eyes work together as a team. Misaligned eyes can be responsible for double vision, headaches and learning problems.


We discuss your workplace and leisure eye safety needs including quality UV and glare protection.

Lens Advice

Lenses are not all created equal and whilst we love frames too, we believe that your lifestyle-specific lenses are key to delivering you the best vision possible.

Contact Lenses

We will provide preliminary advice on your contact lens eligibility now or in the future as part of a flexible eyewear solution.

Health and lifestyle

Understanding the impact of diet and lifestyle on your eye health and vision is vital to maintaining lifelong vision.


Where required we can arrange for medications to treat eye conditions or refer you for more specialised medical treatment.

Total Solution and eyecare plan

Where required we can arrange for medications to treat eye conditions or refer you for more specialised medical treatment.

Staying on top of your eye health

Regular eye tests are essential to maintaining healthy vision. 

All patients are recommended to schedule a 360° Eye Test every three years to stay on top of your eye health. 

We also offer dedicated 360 Eye Tests for those living with Keratoconus, Myopia Control, Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma and Diabetes. These involve special tests to detect changes, and to discuss additional options to manage or treat these conditions.

For patients with these conditions, we recommend an appointment every 12 months.

We also offer Short Eye Exams as a checkup for patients in between their comprehensive eye exams.

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