Eye Strain Parramatta

What is eyestrain?

Eye strain, otherwise known as eye fatigue, is a common form of vision problem caused by tiredness. Eyes experience eyestrain will often have undergone intense or extended use over a period of time. During this time, they will have been focusing on something that is bright or up-close. Eye muscles can often become overworked or strained as a result of focusing for an extended duration.

What are some symptoms of eye strain?

There are several symptoms or signs you are dealing with eye strain, including tiredness, itchy or sore eyes, as well as burning and blurring. You may experience watering in your eyes as well, as well as double vision. You may also struggle to focus your eyes, causing problems seeing and processing visual information. 

How can it be treated?

For a comprehensive set of treatments for eye strain near Paramatta, visit the specialists: Optometrist Paramatta.

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