How Much Do Ortho-K Lenses Cost in Sydney?

You’ve probably heard about the wonders of orthokeratology contact lenses, a well-proven marvel of eye care technology. Orthokeratology contacts (a.k.a. Ortho-K lenses) are worn overnight to gently reshape your cornea, the front part of your eye that has a big role in determining whether you enjoy clear vision or suffer from near sightedness.

These lenses are suitable for all ages. But Ortho-K lenses have proven in clinical studies to be especially effective in slowing the progress of myopia – a problem in childrens’ development where their eyeball becomes overly elongated and interferes with proper focus of light on the retina. Myopia is now at epidemic levels and believed to be the result of too much screen time and not enough “green time” (outdoor play). In severe cases, it can even have serious long term eyesight risks.

The benefits of adopting orthokeratology for yourself or your child are immense. But what do Ortho-K lenses cost?

I’m Dr Jotinder Khosla, one of the optometry team at Optometrist Parramatta, and I’d like to break down for you all the financials on what you can expect to pay when you commit to Ortho-K lenses for better vision and healthier eyes.

Here are some of the questions you might be asking.

Q1. How much do Ortho-K lenses cost in Sydney?

Prices range from ~$400 – $800 for one lens depending on the complexity of the fit.

Q2. Are there different “brands” of Ortho-K lenses and are they at different prices?

Yes, there are different designs available and so the prices can differ slightly.

Q3. Is the price of Ortho-K lenses for children the same as for adults?

Yes, the price of the lenses is similar irrespective of age.

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Q4. Is orthokeratology covered by health insurance?

Yes, if you have optical benefits, some of it is covered.

Q5. Why does Ortho-K cost more than other contact lenses?

The designs are custom made and designed to be closely managed and to last longer.

Q6. Are there any additional costs for follow up Ortho-K consultations?

In our practice, there are no additional costs for the follow up consultations for the first 6 months.

Q7. How often should I get my prescription checked after I start with Ortho-K treatment?

There are a few follow up appointments – overnight, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months then every 6 months thereafter unless indicated otherwise.

Q8. Does the strength of my prescription affect the cost of Ortho-K?

Yes, it does.  The complexity of the lens design is influenced by the prescription.

Q9. How many pairs of Ortho-K lenses do I need?

Generally, 1 pair is sufficient.

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Q10. How often should my Ortho-K lenses be replaced?

Every 12 months, depending on wear and tear.


Q11. Is there a different cost for replacement Ortho-K lenses?


Q12. How much do Ortho-K lens eye drops, cleaners and storage solutions cost per year?

Approximately $100 every 3 months.

Q13. Is Ortho-K cheaper than daily disposable contact lenses?

Overall, the prices are comparative.

Q14. Can I start with a trial pair of Ortho-K lenses?

Sometimes, depending on how the practitioner sees fit.



Imagine the convenience of being free from wearing spectacles. If you have an active lifestyle or play sports you’ll know how beneficial that change would be. Maybe you’ve already tried daytime contact lenses and found they irritate your dry eyes too much for comfort.

Or perhaps you’ve noticed that your child is sitting closer to the TV, and struggling due to vision problems at school. Imagine the peace-of-mind you could gain from knowing your child’s myopia is being proactively addressed.

If any of these scenarios ring true, orthokeratology is a choice to consider.

I hope this article has provided transparency around Ortho-K lenses cost, and has helped your decision making.

If you are in Sydney and you’d like to know more, come and talk with either myself or our practice owner, Dr Nick Papadopolous.

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Dr Jotinder Khosla – Optometrist

B.Optom (UNSW), CertOcTher (UNSW) Therapeutically Endorsed Optometrist

Member of the Orthokeratology Society of Oceania