KLiiK denmark: Stylish Glasses for Smaller Face-sizes

Smaller-sized faces shouldn’t have a harder time finding fashionable frames that fit.

Optometrist Parramatta is proud to announce the arrival of KliiK denmark, ultra fashion eyewear designed specifically for men and women who require smaller eye sizes.

KLiiK denmark is for those who understand the connection between style and statement.

Taking its direction from the clean, modern aesthetic of Scandinavian design, KLiiK is a collection created through pure innovation for those seeking a fresh new way of seeing.

Youthful styling, contemporary materials and fashion-forward colours characterise the modern, urban and ageless look.

Manufactured in Denmark, the minimalistic design is elevated through bold colouration, intricate laser-cut detailing, custom design elements, and an array of interesting patterns and textures.

KLiiK denmark offers a wide repertoire of styling for the narrow PD clientele with a strong sense of style.

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