Giving Back
To Our Community For Over 30 Years

Optometrist Parramatta community team


We always say it’s the little things that count! As such, we endeavour to use only recycled paper and biodegradable plastic products where possible. 

Our staff also have their own KeepCups for their daily coffee!


We are a part of Vision Australia, which helps disadvantaged Australians such as Pensioners and Centrelink customers by providing free spectacles.

Optometrist Parramatta community local
Nick Papadopoulos - Optometrist


We support Lions’ Recycle for Sight Program, and encourage our patients to donate their old spectacles for use in developing countries, where many have no access to eye healthcare or glasses.

Nick and Gloria, the practice owners, have also volunteered overseas in Tanzania and the Pacific Islands.

We sponsor the A21 Organisation, a non-profit which fights to end human trafficking. An estimated 27 million people worldwide are exploited for manual and sexual labour – and the average age of a trafficking victim is just 12 years old.

We Care, And We Love That You Do Too!