Back To School – And Everything Else

With so much feeling out of our control these last few years, it’s encouraging to know we can still take steps to help our kids succeed. Children rely on their vision for 80% of their learning, which means a simple Back to School eye test is a powerful tool in their development.

In our comprehensive children’s eye test, we don’t just evaluate the sharpness of your child’s vision – we examine the internal and external health of their eyes and assess how well they work together as a team. If required, we will provide a tailored eyecare solution that considers their lifestyle and vision needs.

Here are a few of the things we look out for:


Commonly called shortsightedness, Myopia affects approximately 15% of Australians. This condition occurs when light is focused in front of the retina, resulting in blurred vision. Children with myopia can often see clearly at short distances but struggle with faraway objects, making sports and blackboard-reading difficult.


This is often called longsightedness and occurs when optical components of the eye are not sufficiently strong enough to focus light onto the retina. Children with hyperopia have blurred vision that is typically at its worst over short distances, making reading and schoolwork difficult.


Astigmatism is a condition where the optical power of the eye varies depending on the angle of light passing through it. Astigmatism produces blurred vision at all distances and often occurs alongside myopia or hyperopia. Children with astigmatism may experience eyestrain and headaches, and feel tired at the end of the day!

Set Your Child Up For Success

Children often can’t tell us when their vision is ‘not quite right’. To ensure their vision is developing normally, book an eye test with Optometrist Parramatta today!